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Best Buy Treadmills

Among all kinds of exercise equipment, your best buy is a treadmill. A treadmill is more likely to be used. You could watch TV or listen to music while doing the workout. Getting on it and starting a workout is a simple task. There are home folding treadmills that can be stored away if you don't want them to occupy the little space you have.

Next comes the question of another kind of best buy. What could be considered a best buy in treadmills? There are home treadmills and commercial treadmills, in different models, and numerous suppliers and brands. How do you identify the best buy among the treadmills?


Best Buy Treadmill Selection Criteria

Check the motor. It is the key part of the equipment. What horsepower could be expected during continuous operation? Ideally, it should fall between 1.5 and 2.5 HP. Does the motor operate with Mains or DC? Is there a minimum one-year warranty period?

Not all treadmills are motorized. Some are manual, i.e., you have to get and keep them moving. This could be an arduous task. Adjusting the incline and speed are also not as easy. Though manual treadmills are less expensive, it is better to go for a motorized one.

Now test the equipment. Is it wide enough for you to work out without any problem? Or do your arms knock against the handrails? Are they within easy reach? Does the workout seem jerky and uneven? Does the equipment feel safe enough for you to workout? Could the speed and inclines be adjusted easily?

How noisy is the equipment? Could it be used as a home treadmill?

If space is a problem, you might have to go for a folding treadmill. Do check that the foldability does not come at the cost of stability. You might have to spend a little more to get a folding treadmill that is also stable enough.

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