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New Study: More Exercise is Better

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Just when you thought you knew how much exercise you need, a new study comes out to make you question your previous thinking. For many people, the thinking has been that a little goes a long way and that the general heal returns diminish pretty quickly after that. However, a study published in February 2017 in Mayo Clinic Proceedings concluded that increasing one’s cardiovascular fitness from low to medium or high over a lifetime decreases the likelihood of dying from all causes by roughly forty per cent.

In the study, more than 10,000 subjects took stress tests on a treadmill or exercise bike. Then over a year later, they took the same test again. Those subjects who had increased their fitness between the tests from low to intermediate or high lived on average about forty per cent longer (after about more eight went by) than those stayed at a low level of fitness. Results were somewhat more marked for men than for women. This was known as the Henry Ford Exercise Testing project.

The researchers noted that the results of the study apply to not just those people who are interested in athletics or their appearance and that every day activities are performed more easily by those who are fit. Perhaps their most important point was that exercise and fitness is an active process. That is, you have to get up and do something and then keep pushing until you are tired. That’s what gets you fit and keeps you there.

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Treadmill Test Posture

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Be Pushy!

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Listen to Music While Working Out

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