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Should You Finance Your Treadmill Purchase?

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It’s common for sellers of consumer goods of all kinds to offer in-store financing. This allows purchases of things that the customer doesn’t have the cash to pay for, but may have the income to pay for over time. This may be most commonly seen in the purchase of such things as furniture and appliances, which are often a necessity. That can make sense, but what about purely discretionary purchases lie home exercise equipment?

Exercise takes discipline and long-term commitment. So does saving money. If you believe you have the discipline to exercise long-term, but haven’t been able to save enough money to pay for it, maybe your discipline isn’t as strong as you think. Borrowing money from the future to pay for the present often makes sense. But, in some sense, exercise is paying in the present for what you hope to get in the future – better health. Borrowing money from future earnings (and paying for the privilege) in order to pay in the present for future health is an act of both self-deception and extreme confidence.

Starting an exercise program is also an act of courage. Buying equipment when you don’t have the money is a kind of double-down on the bet. It could be interpreted as a desperate denial of reality, but it is that kind of actions that make real change possible. Consider the ancient myth of invading army burning its ships after arrival for the invasion so that there can be no retreat. That is, if you make the pain of failure great enough, success is that much more likely.

The physical is more important than the financial. That is, halth is more important than money. So go ahead and borrow the money!

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