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Exercise for your Life!

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Along comes another study to confront your sedentary friends with. On the other hand, don’t do that. Just be smug in the knowledge that you’ll probably outlive them.

The new study was actually a review of five other studies, totaling about 55,000 subjects at five U.S. universities. The conclusion was that running can prolong your life more than any other form of exercise. That doesn’t mean just more effectively than other exercise, it means actually longer – about three years, or about seven hours of life for each hour of running.

The results of the review, which was published in the March 29, 2017 edition of Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases , went even further. It compared this longevity increase achieved by runners to that achieved by stopping smoking cigarettes. Running resulted in a thirty per cent decrease in the risk of premature death, while smoking cessation resulted in an only eleven per cent reduction.

But wait, there’s more! People who both ran and did other forms of exercise as well reduced their risk most of all – up to forty-three per cent.

Lest you feel tempted to argue with your friends about this and they counter that it takes more time to run enough to get these benefits than the amount of extra life it may provide, you can cite the review on this as well. Running enough to achieve the three extra years of life would require only about six months of time actually running.

Don’t argue with your friends; outlive them! The only problem with this is they won’t be around for you to say you told them so.

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