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​Should You Buy a Treadmill on Amazon?

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This time of year, consumers are scrambling to pick out a treadmill online so that it can be delivered before the big day. Everyone knows that Amazon has good prices and good service, so why not just go there and buy something?

That’s not a bad idea, and lots of people are doing it. After all, more people search for products of all kinds on Amazon than on Google. So what’s not to like?

Over the past few years, shoppers have been lulled into the idea that Amazon has the lowest prices. That was quite true for most items actually stocked by Amazon. But most exercise equipment on Amazon is not sold directly by Amazon, but by third party sellers instead. Amazon typically charges third party sellers fifteen per cent of the purchase price for a sale of exercise equipment. That means there’s a big chunk of profit that the third party seller gives up by selling on Amazon, money that could have been used to reduce the price to consumers while making more profit per sale as well.

So why would the third party seller list on Amazon (or the other marketplaces Walmart and Sears)? Because that’s where the shoppers are. But maybe not the lowest prices for the same product. For new treadmills and ellipticals, warranties and service are generally the same regardless of the website they are bought from.

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