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Fitness Witticisms

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Looking for a good zinger to use with your sedentary friends? Try some of these:

You can spend your money on your health now or your diseases later. The only way out of this is to die prematurely.

Seven days without working out makes one weak.

Nothing tastes as good as health feels.

So much for the positive ones. The negative ones are more fun. Here’s a few:

Exercise? I thought you said Extra Fries!

He's not lazy; he has an infinite capacity for leisure.

He’s not lazy. He’s a relaxaholic.

He’s not lazy. He just rests before he gets tired.

He’s not lazy, he’s an expert at maximizing his free time.

These come from Tim’s Bon Mots on Amazon. Have you heard a good health or exercise saying? If so, you can actually get paid for it by submitting them at Tim’s Bon Mots

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