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Fitness While Traveling

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Most workout routines are of indefinite duration. That is, your plans are to never stop. Such routines require focus, determination, and discipline. However, most trips are only a week or less in duration. Whether for business or pleasure, you are doing something different, for motivations different from your usual ones. In the case of vacations, you are intentionally changing your routine for the purpose of fun and relaxation.

These distinctions are important because traveling presents an opportunity to give yourself a break and shake things up. Good! That mean you can give yourself some time off from your good behavior! If you think of traveling as a reward, instead of a challenge your discipline, you can feel good about a break, not guilty.

The need for rest and time off from serious exercise programs is routinely underestimated. Even though you may not feel tired or sore, your body is recovering from not only your most recent exercise session, but your whole recent exercise history. Your body needs a rest. As importantly, your mind needs a rest. Even if you have been disciplined and dedicated, or perhaps especially if you have been, you need to cut yourself some slack in order to maintain your exercise habit long term.

So don’t worry. Have fun! Come back re-energized and re-dedicated to fitness. Come back re-energized and re-dedicated to yourself and your long-term health.

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Can you get fit by just thinking about it?

Perhaps your old gym teacher yelled at you, saying that “you can’t get it done just by thinking about it! If you could go back in time, your wise guy response could be “actually there is a new study suggesting exactly that!” It would be a stretch, but citing the journal Health Psychology (July 20, 2017 issue) would provoke little [...]

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Fitness Fads

Exercise principles are pretty simple, so you’d think there are only so many things you can do to improve your fitness. However, free enterprise always seems to come up with new ways to entice people to pay money for the latest thing. For those readers too young for this to be obvious, here are some examples that can teach [...]

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Why is CrossFit so Popular?

It doesn’t require any special equipment or diet and doesn’t show you how to do anything you don’t already know how to do. Yet over 4 million members pay close to $4 billion in dues per year at over 13 thousand locations in over one hundred countries. Clearly, there is a continually strong desire by people to get in [...]

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Can You Be Fat and Fit Without Exercise?

We know that exercise is good for us. We also know that “fitness” is good and that being overweight is bad. In fact, both consistent exercise and high fitness levels are associated with longer life. However, in recent years some people have proposed that you can be both overweight and fit without much exercise. Really? Can you be fat [...]

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Exercise Yourself to Sleep

You knew that exercise helps prevent heart disease, cancer, and other diseases. You knew that it can help you lose weight. You probably haven’t thought much about the effect it can have on your sleep, but science has now done that for you. It helps! Sleep is widely recognized as a great restorative. Among the less mysterious ways it works [...]

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Remember the Good Things

Just when you thought you couldn’t remember all the studies that show that exercise is good for your brain, along comes a review of thirty-nine of them to help you. Memory is especially improved for people over fifty when exercise is done on a regular basis concluded the British Journal of Sports Medicine in its March 30, 2017 issue. Though exercise appeared [...]

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Exercise for your Life!

Along comes another study to confront your sedentary friends with. On the other hand, don’t do that. Just be smug in the knowledge that you’ll probably outlive them. The new study was actually a review of five other studies, totaling about 55,000 subjects at five U.S. universities. The conclusion was that running can prolong your life more than any other [...]

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Too Much Exercise!

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​ Exercise & Sweat

It feels like it’s doing good to sweat when you exercise, doesn’t it? Something is happening, but what? A popular theory is that we ingest toxins from our food and environment and that sweat is one of the few ways to remove them other than the toilet. This makes sense, but science requires that we find and identify these toxins [...]

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