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Canada Only Ellipticals

We can now ship most ProForm, and many other, ellipticals to our Canadian customers. However, shipping costs, taxes and other charges vary widely and must be added to your cost based on the model you order and your address.


The models you see below may include some that are available in Canada, but not the U.S. The prices are in US$ and before tariffs, taxes, and shipping surcharges. These charges total about US$220, but will depend upon your location and the model you order. We will calculate the exact total and show that in the cart after you enter your address.


If the model you interested in is not shown below, please email us with the model and your postal code. We can then and confirm availability and calculate your total costs.


  • ProForm Smart Strider ES Elliptical
    ProForm Smart Strider ES $525.00 Add To Cart
  • Reebok Stride Select RL 7.0 Elliptical
    Reebok Stride Select RL 7.0 $785.00 Add To Cart
  • Nordic Track E5.9 Elliptical
    Nordic Track E5.9 Elliptical $850.00 Add To Cart
  • autostrider 990 Pro
    Nordic Track AudioStrider 990 Pro Elliptical $975.00 Add To Cart

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