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Elliptical Articles

Treadmills have been the most popular form of exercise equipment for many years. They can be found in both homes and gyms. However, treadmills do not provide user with as many ways forms of exercise as possible.


More Elliptical Science
Wondering which is the most effective kind of exercise equipment? There are now university-level studies to help answer that question.


The Way Elliptical Trainers Work
Elliptical machines certainly appear complicated. However, actually they are simpler than treadmills. They also require less maintenance.


Using Your Heart Rate Monitor
Most new treadmills and ellipticals come equipped with heart rate monitors. What exactly are you supposed to do with this information?


How Accurate is My Calories Counter?
Perhaps one of the readouts on your treadmill or elliptical is one for Calories Burned. If so, you may have wondered how in the world your machine can calculate such a thing.


Front Drive or Rear Drive Elliptical?
Which is a better? A front drive elliptical machine or rear drive?


What is the Best Stride Length?
What is stride length? Why does it matter? Which should I get?


Elliptical Trainers and Ceiling Height: Will it Fit?
Have a low ceiling? Too low to use your ellipital? Here's how to figure it out.

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