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Exercise and Fitness for the Family

Statistics from several health organizations both in the United States and worldwide, have shown that the overall health of people is at one of the lowest levels of all time. Because of the hectic schedules of families that work, they have left little time for healthy, home cooked meals. Instead families have had to rely on quick takeout food which is high on convenience, but nutritionally low. Having families on the go all the time is a big contributor to the overall decline in health of adults and children.


In addition, with the population relying on the Internet, television, video games and even our telephones for entertainment, we are sitting and watching instead of going out and participating. This had led to people having one of the highest rates of obesity of all times. This sedentary life has affected both adults as well as children. This non-healthy lifestyle can have a negative effect on people as they get older.


These factors in our lives make it necessary to make exercise a part of our regular schedule. The type of exercise we get can vary in intensity and scope. However, the most important factor is to find time and just do it. Here are some helpful ideas for families to exercise together. We have come up with ideas for both indoor and outdoor activities so regardless of the weather or the season you can start on the road to health and fitness.

Indoor Activities

  • At Home Exercises - Page containing a listing of ten exercises which can be done at home without equipment.
  • Family Indoor Activities – Information on different activities that can be done at home.
  • Family Fitness – Fun and healthy activities for families are covered in this article.
  • Indoor Family Activities – Collection of fun, family friendly activities which can be done by all members of the family.

Outdoor Activities

Family Exercise Resources

  • Healthy Kids and Families – Helpful article dealing with keeping kids and family healthy.
  • Family Fun Fitness Ideas – Information and suggestions on how families can have fun and be fit.
  • Get Active – Informative website with information on how to get active through exercise and beat obesity.
  • Helping Children Exercise – Resourceful site with information and links to organizations that help get children healthy through exercise.

We hope this article provides you and your family with ideas on how to get and stay healthy. Exercise does not have to be difficult for people and by following these suggestions, families can stay fit both indoors and outdoors.


By Matthew Pearson


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