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Exercise Bikes

An exercise bike is a piece of gym equipment with a seat, pedals, and handlebars similar to those of a bicycle. However, the exercise bike is used as exercise equipment in the home or a club instead of for transportation. The main purposes of exercise bikes are cardiovascular fitness, weight loss, training for bicycling events. They are also popular for physical therapy due to their low impact and the effective cardiovascular exercise they provide. Exercise bikes can be found in fitness clubs and homes around the world.

Stationary bike is simply a different expression for an exercise bike.

Most exercise bikes are upright bikes.


A spin bike is an exercise bike that is designed like a racing bicycle. These have become popular for home use as "spinning classes" with this style of bike have become popular in gyms.


A recumbent bike is an exercise bike that is not upright, but allow you to use it in a reclined position. Recumbent bikes are easier to get on and off and don't require a bending over position in use. Thus, they are preferred by people with mobility or back problems. Also, because you cannot use your body weight to drive the pedals as you would on an upright bike, you tend to exercise your legs muscles more with a recumbent bike.

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