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Getting An Effective Workout At Home

It is common for some people to join health clubs because they know they will work out once they get there. All they have to do is get there! They know that working out at home would save them a lot of money and time, but offers many distractions too. Here's how someone with home exercise equipment can overcome these problems and get effective workouts at home.

Home Workout Rules

1. No Kids Allowed. Exercise should be your private time. For small kids, you can use an electronic monitor to keep track of them. For example, an intercom that lets you hear them should keep them both safe and out of the way.

2. Time It. If start out having an hour, start and don't let up until your hour is done. No breaks.

3. Get Rid of Distractions. That means no refrigerator and no TV. No books, no magazines. Many disagree with this, adding that they get bored without reading or watching something. But if you can read, you’re not working out hard enough!. Turn off the phone. Can you do without that for 45 minutes?. You could always simply return the call.

4. Put on the Rock & Roll. Crank it up? Even if you don't usually listen to it, or even particularly like it, this is the right time. Find some with a steady beat and get lost in it. Many treadmills and elliptical machines, like those found on Treadmill World, have iPod stations where you can plug in your own music.

5. Find a Partner. Working out with a partner is not for socializing, but for motivating each other. If you've both agreed on a time to do this, someone is relying on you. Therefore, you should be less likely to make excuses and more likely to go through with your workout plans. It is important that your partner be at least as dedicated as you are. As a partnership, you are only as strong as the weakest partner! Push each other. Maybe the friend you met in the gym would make a good partner.

6. Work hard. Working hard creates a discipline and focus that produces even more discipline and focus. You will be more dedicated to your workout after working hard because the harder you work, better you will feel afterward.

If these suggestions sound too much like discipline to be any fun, you get the right idea, but come to the wrong conclusion. The majority of well-meaning people are not in good physical condition because they can’t bring themselves to exercise consistently. They can’t exercise consistently because they don’t have the discipline. Their self-esteem may also fall as a result. That is much less fun than the feeling of accomplishment that comes from reaching your fitness goals. If you follow the guidelines above, you stand a much better chance of achieving this kind of satisfaction.


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