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iFit Live

For treadmills equipped with iFit Live, see ProForm and Nordic Track.
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Why iFit is so Cool

New technology release by ICON Health & Fitness combines technology and home exercise equipment in a way that surpasses all previous efforts. Until announcing its new ProForm iFit treadmill and elliptical, the leading edge technology was the "regular" iFit, that allows users to plug different cards into their equipment that provide customized workouts that provides the ability to adjust your workouts to your goals while personal trainer Jillian Michaels coaches you on, according to your actual performance. iFit Live takes this a few steps further.

Google Maps

By choosing "Street View" mode, users can choose a place they’d like to run. Their screen then shows the actual photographed street scene where they are "running." So, for example, if you've always wanted to run through the trails of an exotic city, or even your old home town, you can see it all as you run on your treadmill! It's not just the scene along side of you that you experience, but the terrain, as well. If your chosen scene involves running up hill at up to a 40 degree angle or downhill at a 6 degree angle, the program adjusts the incline or difficulty of your machine accordingly so you both see it and feel it.


iFit Live also allows you to track every workout and virtually every calorie consumed and burned. You can record your meals online or through your iPhone. iFit Live then shows you the calories you’ve consumed, their nutritional value, and how they affect your training program and fitness goals. If you're not sure how many calories are in that snack you just ate, find out on iFit and see what you need to do to work it off! You can also input activities you've engaged in off your equipment to determine the calories burned from that too. The program combines all these factors and shows you how they affect your weight and other progress toward your goals. It then automatically adjusts your workouts to keep you on track. If you wish, your progress is uploaded to a central system as you workout.


New workouts can be downloaded directly to your treadmill or elliptical wirelessly and automatically. You can easily choose to share whatever of this you wish with you Facebook friends. Challenge them to a race and compete with them in real time! Get updates from them or your machine or even your iphone! Choose the workouts you want on your machine and download them wirelessly for $20 - $30 each.




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