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LCD v. LED Console Displays

In looking at treadmills you may have noticed that descriptions of treadmill consoles list a LCD display or an LED display. What is the difference?


LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is the older technology and perhaps the one you are most familiar with. An LCD display looks like a television or computer monitor, with each “cell” within the display containing liquid. This is the most economical kind of display and will do fine for most purposes. Casual users will not notice or care about the differences upon first using a treadmill, but they might later on. It is only in comparison to the LED display that the limitations of the LCD become apparent.


The latest technology is the LED (Light Emitting Diode) display. LED displays consist of tiny light “bulbs” They do provide a higher tech, higher definition look than the LCD displays do. One way to notice this is by moving your head around while focusing on the display. With the LCD, the brightness and contrast of the letters and numbers being displayed will change according to you’re the angle of your gaze. The LED display will provide consistent brightness and clarity from all angles.


A long term advantage of the LED is that they tend to have a greater ability to withstand vibration and impact. Long term vibration is a leading cause of console failure. As well, portions of an LED display can be replaced if they “burn out,” while LCDs require replacement of the entire console when part of the display stops working. Because treadmill consoles cost hundreds of dollars, this can be a significant advantage to spending a little more up front for the model with an LED display.




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