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The Seven Deadly Sins of Treadmill Buying

1. Spending too much -

There is a great variety in the quality of treadmills. Therefore, there is also a great difference in price. No one likes spending more than they need to. The trick to avoiding spending too much is to know what you really need, buy no more than that, and buy that where you can save the most money. You can generally get the best deals online.

2. Spending too little -


Treadmills are like anything else; you get what you pay for. "Cheap" treadmills tend to be fragile. They are light weight and small. When running on them, the user may feel uncomfortable because the machine moves around or does not feel stable. Good starting points here are an adequately-sized belt and an adequately-sized motor. What is adequate depends on your size and intended use. Generally speaking, the bigger the user the bigger the belt and motor should be. For faster or more serious runners, heavier machines are better. While heavy may not mean better, heavier machines almost always have bigger belts and bigger motors, so it's an easy place to start.

3. Buying Obscure Brands -


A good way to avoid spending too little is to buy only brand names. If you can't find much on the brand on the Internet, it is not a brand name. Why take chances? Many of the best brands have parts made in China to U.S. standards. Then the parts are assembled in the U.S. with the best technology. Contrast this to Chinese brands assembled in China. Chinese brands may be fine, but why take the chance?

4. Paying Sales Tax -


Ouch! If you live a state with a high sales tax, tax can add your costs substantially. Buying on the Internet can avoid this. As of this writing, a buyer is only required to pay sales tax if he resides in the same state as the company he's buying from. There are efforts afoot in Congress to enact a unified sales tax that would require all Internet buyers to pay sales tax. Some big online retailers have already started collecting sales tax in anticipation of these changes. If you can buy now, this is a good reason to do it!

5. Paying Shipping Charges -


Most specialty exercise equipment stores will not charge extra for delivery. They can afford to do this because they generally sell only the highest quality equipment at premium prices. Discount and department stores generally have lower prices, but, if they delivery at all, they add a significant delivery charge. Unless you have a pickup truck and strong friends with time on their hands, this is difficult to avoid. It can be difficult to compare prices if you have to add sales tax, shipping charges, and time. It may be best just to decide what you want and then just buy it without sales tax or shipping charges!

6. Not having the support of people you live with -


As with any important goal, if the people close to you don’t support it, they can subvert your efforts. There are aspects of this phenomenon that are unique to treadmills. First, if your family members are out of shape and are not trying to get into better shape, on some level they can start to resent the new you. They may call you a narcissist or accuse you of ignoring your responsibilities. They may not want you to succeed! This may sound crazy, but it really does happen and can be tough to resist.

Treadmills do make some noise. It's usually not the treadmill as much as it is your feet repeatedly hitting the belt that makes most of the noise. Someone in the room downstairs from you may not appreciate that. A treadmill mat or a rug can help, but be forewarned!

7. Not using the treadmill! -


Everyone starts with good intentions. They gradually tail off into the land of excuses and procrastination. Your chances are best if you avoid the first six sins. The seventh sin really is the deadliest of all and really is the last one. As some wise person said, "You either invest your time and money on your health, or you spend them on you diseases. The only way to escape this fact is to die early!"



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