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Ten Reasons To Work Out At Home Instead Of A Gym

1. Save Money.

It's your favorite reason anyway, so let’s start with it. A membership at a gym costs at least a few hundred dollars a year. These days you can get a decent treadmill or home gym for around the same amount. So, in effect, you pay for the equipment in a year and it's free thereafter. Can’t beat that reason, but, just for fun, here come nine more.

2. Convenient Hours.
Having your own equipment allow you to workout any time of day you feel like it. If you can't sleep, you can exercise instead.

3. Save Time.
Getting your workout in definitely takes time. That includes the time it takes to get to the gym and get back. If you add up all that time over a year, you probably could have worked a part-time job, instead. Even if you saved only 2 hours a week, that’s over a hundred hours over the course of the year. At $10 per hour, that’s $1,000, money you could spend on equipment or time you could spend earning money. Time and money. Are you getting the idea yet?

4. More Privacy.
Some folks aren’t real proud of their bodies (not you). So these other people don’t look forward to strangers observing them sweating away to get in shape. At home, no has to see you but you, your mirror, and your dog.

5. More Variety.
Home equipment has improved so much in the last few years that you can get almost all of the workout experience you get at a well-equipped health club.

6. Cleaner.
Each piece equipment at the club is touched many users’ hands each day. As your mother would say “You don’t know where those have been!” Those people carry varying amounts and varieties of germs. Their touching the equipment transmits germs to the equipment. This transmittal can only be minimized, not eliminated.

7. More Convenient.
Even if your health club is very close to your home, it is a lot further than your equipment in your basement. This excuse does not work.

8. Multi-Task.
At the gym, you can't cook, babysit, or do all the other things you do at home and could get done while you are working out. You can even buy a special desk designed to let you work at your desk at home while walking on your treadmill.

9. Choice of Entertainment.
Many health clubs have a choice of televisions for you to watch, but they are probably not showing what you really want to watch. In the privacy of your own home, you can watch what you want, even that one you haven’t told anyone about.

10. Easier to Get it Done.
If you feel like you have too much to do, it’s easy to put off going to the health club. But it’s not so easy to justify not just jumping on your own treadmill.

So there you have it. Time, Money, Health, Convenience. What’s not to like?

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