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Treadmill Buying Tips

Health conscientious individuals today are turning more and more toward treadmills for their home than joining gyms or running in the park. A few of the reasons include safety, privacy, and the many new and innovative features along with Space Saver Designs.

Many people believe they desire to have a treadmill in their home especially when they realize they can watch a 7-inch flat screen while working out, however, once they get it home they do not stay on their fitness schedule. By placing your treadmill off into a room and out of sight, you more than likely will not use the treadmill. The best way to ensure you stay true your fitness program is to purchase a space saver model that folds up out of the way. This way you can set it up in the living room. Now the treadmill is not out of sight out of mind. Putting the space saver treadmill in plain sight even though it is folded up will give the entire family the chance to begin working out on a daily basis and start a fitness routine of their own.

Treadmills in the price range of $300 to $700 offer standard features such as 0 to 10 MPH, 0% to 10% power incline, 2-ply treadbelt, and a display that shows distance, time, speed, and calories.

In the price range of $800 to $1,800, standard features include the same as for the lower priced treadmills along with a heart rate monitor and exercise programs.

In the price range of $2,000 to $3,500, standard features include the same as both price ranges above along with motors that are more powerful, stronger deck and frame.

Before you purchase a treadmill, check out all the features and decide which features you will use and desire. Always above anything else, measure and ensure the treadmill of your choice will fit where you want it to go. Even a fold up treadmill needs so much room.

Watch this short video below on the kinds of places you can buy a treadmill.


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