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Treadmill Desks

Are you coordinated enough to work and walk at the same time? Can you get in shape at your desk job? With treadmills desks, you can. A treadmill desk combines a workstation with a treadmill, with enough room for your knees and more than enough for things on top of your desk. Picture a bridge over the top of the treadmill where your desktop is and yet get the idea.

Big companies know that their active employees are a lower health insurance risk than their sedentary counterparts. Employees in good shape also tend to have less sick time and higher productivity. Many companies have addressed this health care concern with treadmill desks. Certainly a company wouldn’t want to force an employee to do both mental and physical labor at the same time! But most employees are willing to try it and find it fun. But it is more than fun. Moving at your desk can actually increase productivity by increasing blood flow to the brain. That makes both employee and employee happy.



Most of the skepticism about treadmill desks comes from wondering if the user can really concentrate on working while using the treadmill. Talking on the phone and shuffling papers doesn’t seem too difficult when walking slowly, but using a keyboard takes some getting used to. Walking slowly makes it easier.

Many treadmill owners have built their treadmill desks out of wood. This can work fine for those who have the wood, skill, and time to make one, but poorly-made treadmill desks can expose the employer to liability for injuries that result. Typically, businesses will buy their treadmill desks from reputable manufacturers. High quality treadmill desks have an adjustable height mechanism that enables them to be adjusted to the best height for typing without causing muscle strain. A strong metal base support can also provide stability and keep the treadmill controls in easy reaching distance. The desks weigh less than 75 pounds and covered by a warranty. Manufactured treadmill desks are typically designed for use with all brands of treadmill and are built to last many years.

Many hone users buy treadmill desks for their own use because commercial units are typically better than they could make on their own. They require very little assembly, and this can be done with the common hand tools that most people already have. Thirty minutes should be all it takes to walking on working at the same time!



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