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Treadmill Information

Does it matter how big the rollers are on your treadmill?


In looking at treadmills you may have noticed that descriptions of treadmill consoles list a LCD display or an LED display. What is the difference?


The deck of a treadmill is the main bottom part that holds the rollers that the belt travels around. The longer the belt, the longer and stronger the deck needs to be.


Everything you need to know about treadmill frames.


Are you coordinated enough to work and walk at the same time? Can you get in shape at your desk job? With treadmills desks, you can. A treadmill desk combines a workstation with a treadmill, with enough room for your knees and more than enough for things on top of your desk.


It is treadmill with no motor! The belt is moved solely by the movement of its user. But that is not as crazy as it may seem; this is the way elliptical trainers work.


Treadmills & Weight Loss
One of the reasons treadmills are so popular is that everyone knows how to use them. You just step on it, select a program, and go.


How to Maintain Your Treadmill
Treadmills have improved to the point that little is required for many years of use. Because treadmills have many moving parts, though, preventive maintenance cab extend their useful lives or many more years.


The past ten years have seen dramatic improvements in the quality of treadmills. So many home users have decided to upgrade to a newer model.


You may be unaware of the part of their treadmill called the “controller.” This is the component located in the console that converts the AC current provided by your electrical outlet into the DC current usable by your treadmill.


The electrical stuff -- RPMs, Torque, Voltage, AC vs. DC.


The first treadmills were made of round stones and animal hides. These early cave man versions can clearly be seen in The Flintstones.


Treadmill and Elliptical Science
Treadmills vs Running. A study by Elliot & Blanksby in Medicine and Science in Sports examined stride length and stride rate.


What is iFit? What is Gamefit?
Several varieties of exercise equipment are now promoted as "iFit-compatible" or having "Gamefit." If you don’t know what these terms mean, keep reading.


How to Choose a Treadmill or Elliptical
There are over forty brands of treadmills and elliptical machines available in the United States.


Running on Treadmills Compared to Running Outside
It seems like running is running, whether on a treadmill or outdoors, right? Treadmills may be easier on the joints, what else could be different?


Save Your Joints With A Treadmill
One of the big advantages of using a treadmill, instead of running on hard surfaces, is that almost all treadmills now have cushioned belts.


Big Guy - Big Treadmill
Running on a treadmill is one of the best ways to lose weight. For those who want to lose weight without going to a gym, home treadmills have become very popular.


Treadmill Buying Tips
Treadmills in the price range of $600 to $1000 offer standard features such as 0 to 10 MPH, 0% to 10% power incline, 2-ply treadbelt, and a display that shows distance, time, speed, and calories.


Should I Get An Extended Warranty For My Treadmill or Elliptical?
If you are thinking of buying an extended warranty for your exercise equipment, here are the things you need to help you decide.


Top 10 Reasons Home Treadmills & Ellipticals are Better than Joining a Gym
10. Privacy. Many people are not in the shape they'd like to be in. Therefore, they don't feel comfortable having strangers seeing them toiling away to lose weight in the gym.


Best Buy Treadmill
Best Buy Treadmill recommendations. Top quality treadmills and best buys include the ProForm 590T, Horizon T101, and Gold's Gym Crosswalk 570.


Treadmill Workout
Prior to running on a treadmill, be sure to start out at a low or flat incline and speed under 3 miles per hour in order to avoid muscle strain.


Cheap Weslo Exercise Treadmill
Yes! Weslo treadmills are affordable but not cheap as in low quality. Many Weslo's are manual and therefore priced cheap.


Home Fitness Treadmill
Locating an affordable home fitness treadmill online is easier than you think. Home treadmills are affordable starting at $99.00 for manual and offer space saver technology. They are relatively maintenance free and the treadbelt deck rarely need lubing.


Running on Treadmills Reduces Appetite
If you need any more convincing to get on a treadmill to lose weight, a 2008 study may be just what you need.


Treadmills Can Do More Than You Think!
Treadmills come with so many features these days that you could miss out on all their uses without a full explanation of how they work.


Overcoming Boredom In Your Treadmill Workouts
Do you love running on your treadmill? Or do you find it boring?


The Seven Deadly Sins of Treadmill Buying
Spending too much - There is a great variety in the quality of treadmills. Therefore, there is also a great difference in price.


Are Treadmills the Fountain of Youth?
Maybe, according to a recent study.


Treadmills Help Parkinson's Disease
Patients walk better after treadmill training.


Treadmiils Used to Treat Down's Syndrome
Infants with the disease walk sooner with treadmill training.


Treadmill Accessories
Enhance the experience.


iFit Live
New technology release by ICON Health & Fitness in December 2009 combines technology and home exercise equipment in a way that surpasses all previous efforts.


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