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Top 10 Reasons Home Treadmills & Ellipticals are Better than Joining a Gym

10. Privacy.

Many people are not in the shape they'd like to be in. Therefore, they don't feel comfortable having strangers seeing them toiling away to lose weight in the gym. When you work out at home, no one has to see you except yourself in the mirror, and perhaps your dog.

9. Sanitation.
A single piece of gym equipment can be used by many people during the course of a day. Those people carry varying amounts and varieties of germs. Their touching the equipment transmits germs to the equipment. This transmittal can only be minimized, not eliminated.

8. Multi-Tasking.
When you're in the gym, you can't watch the kids, watch the stove, or do other things. There are now treadmill desks available that mount on your home treadmill. These treadmill desks allow you to actually work at your desk while walking!

7. Variety.
With the recent improvements in treadmills, elliptical trainers, and home gyms, you can have virtually all the exercise choices at home that you have at the gym.

6. Entertainment Choice.
Gyms may have several video screens in front of you, but there's a good chance that none are showing what you want to watch. At home you can watch whatever you want while listening to whatever you want.

5. Ease of Choice.
Have lots of things to do and not much time to do them? Good reason to put off going to the gym until tomorrow! Not a good reason to put off working out at home!

4. Hours.
You can workout at home any time. Can't sleep? Workout.

3. Convenience.
No matter how close the gym is to your home, it's further away than your home equipment. One more excuse gone.

2. Time.
There's no question that working out takes time. Add the time to get to the gym and back every workout and the time commitment gets huge. If you can save two hours per week this way, that's over 100 hours per year! What is that worth to you?

1. Money.
Your favorite reason. Gym memberships typically cost several hundred dollars per year. You can buy a quality treadmill, elliptical machine, or home gym for about the same amount. In addition to the 9 other reasons described above, you can then work out for free after the first year for many years to come.

All these reasons add up to fewer excuses, more time, more health, and more money.


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