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Things Personal Trainers Hope You Don't Find Out

If you are considering hiring a personal trainer to help you get in shape, there area few things you should know before you make a commitment.


Personal Trainer Designations.

There are many designations that personal trainers can get. However, there is little consensus which designation is the best, or even necessary. Gyms often restrict trainers in their gyms to their own trainers who the gyms train in-house. The individual you speak to may have a lot of letters after his name, but do you really know what they stand for? Those letters are actually not as important as several other things.


One consideration is definitely more important than designations. It is whether you feel like your trainer really listens you and understands your objectives. He should draw out your fitness goals and cater a plan to meet those goals. It is also desirable that he assess your temperament so he can create a plan that you will stick to. If you tell him you want to lose weight and get toned and hear a lot about improving your balance and strengthening your "core" it may be because this is all the trainer knows or what he has been told to promote.

You may have heard the old saying that you shouldn't have a family member teach you how to drive. The thought there is that you will not listen to someone you have an-existing, defined relationship with. In the same way, if your trainer is fifteen years younger than you and has only been working out a few years himself, you may not have enough respect for his opinions to take his directions effectively

Club employee?


Some clubs offer the use of a personal trainer as an inducement to join. This may be a good reason to join, but be aware of the promotion of the need for specialized equipment and complicated routines. Part of the sale is that you need the elaborate equipment in order to train the right way. Actually, most progress can be made with very simple equipment. Balance balls, kettle balls, and elastic bands of all kinds may be fine, but don't let fads deter you from a clear vision of your needs. The club employee may also be encouraged by his employer to create the impression that your needs are complex and therefore need expert advice. The principles of exercise are actually simple and unchanging. You don't need to make it complicated.

Self-employed trainers can be more objective and are typically better trained than club employees. In order to limit competition, many clubs prohibit self-employed trainers from training others in their clubs. Self-employed trainers typically cost more than gym trainers. However, for trainees who know what they want, such trainers can be worth the additional expense.

The Experience of the Trainee.


Personal trainers can be very helpful teaching the basics to beginners. Beginners can make a lot of progress this way. However, it's easy for beginners to make a lot of progress, even when they do things wrong! Experienced trainees actually need personal trainers the most. After a beginner's progress starts to peak, the personal trainer's encouragement, tracking of results, and making fine adjustments become more important.



Perhaps the biggest value a personal trainer is forcing a discipline. It sounds unpleasant, but we are all human. Intensity of effort is critical for achieving some kinds of training goals. Having someone to answer to can make the difference. Our own lack of motivation can be partially made up for in this way, but, of course, a personal trainer can only do so much. Writing your goals and posting them on your bathroom mirror can serve a similar function.

Do it yourself?


The reason most exercise programs don't last is not due to a lack of correct advice. It is due to quitting when the going gets tough. Are you willing to consistently do the work? If you are uncertain, you may find a personal trainer very useful. However, don't lose sight of the plain truth, that the key to physical fitness is hard work. The kind of balls you need are not the kind your personal trainer can provide!



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