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Which is better: treadmill or elliptical?

Treadmills have been the most popular form of exercise equipment for many years. They can be found in both homes and gyms. However, treadmills do not provide user with as many ways forms of exercise as possible. Their upper body is mostly unused. Many times this causes them to use different machines after they are done with the treadmill!

Ellipticals Defined

Enter the elliptical trainer. Elliptical trainers (or “elliptical machines”) work the upper body, as well as the lower body. Ellipticals force the user to both push and pull with their arms, while using their legs in a manner similar to using stairs. This upper body motion works the back and biceps in a pulling motion, while also working the chest, shoulders, and triceps in a pushing motion. The result is that so the chest, shoulders, back, and arms are strengthened at the same time as the lower part of the body. This total body movement of the Ellipticals produces much less impact than a treadmill, thus reducing the chance of stress injuries.

Ellipticals vary in price in ways similar to those of treadmills. That is, you can buy the most basic machine for under $200. Actually, the least expensive elliptical is less expensive than the least expensive treadmill, because ellipticals are powered primarily by the users’ movements, while treadmills require motors and more complicated moving parts. Ellipticals now fold up in the same way treadmills do, for easy storage. The most expensive ellipticals have features similar to the most expensive treadmills.

So you decide. Which is better for you? Treadmills or ellipticals?


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